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Foshan Shunde Leliu Tongmao Machinery Equipment Fa



Contact person: Mr. Luo 13929121980

Contact person: Mr. Su 13674093636


Address: 3, No.9, Renhai Yonghe Road, Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Foshan Shunde Leliu Tongmao machinery equipment factory

Located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan Shunde Leliu Tongmao mechanical equipment factory has strong technical force and complete production equipment. Professional design and manufacturing: "wire processing, molding, welding equipment.".

Widely used in: hardware, hardware products, fan net cover products, wire products, hardware electrical products, lighting, spring, electroplating hanger and other industries.

The main products are as follows:

1、 Wire processing and forming:

Automatic welding forming machine, servo hydraulic forming machine, automatic hanger hook combination machine, servo bucking machine, gear type pneumatic precision bucking machine, gear type bucking machine, straightening and cutting machine, sharpening and chamfering machine, looping machine, knurling machine, trimming machine, hydraulic bending frame machine and other non-standard automatic wire processing and forming equipment

2、 Welding machine:

Fan net cover automatic winding machine, net cover automatic touch welding machine, resistance welding machine, butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, and other non-standard automatic welding equipment

"High quality, good faith, reasonable price, excellent" after-sales service is the enterprise service tenet. In the spirit of innovation, we constantly introduce, digest, absorb and improve advanced technologies at home and abroad. In the face of the reality that the competitors at home and abroad are competing to join the WTO, Tongmao machinery has been pushed to a more specialized and large-scale production, and "seeking development through science and technology and survival through quality".

We sincerely invite the majority of users to work with us to continuously explore and develop a new generation of more "utility model" products to create a brilliant Hardware industry.


Tongmao motto

Quality oriented, keep improving;

The progress of science and technology, write a new chapter.


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Mobile phone:13929121980 (Manager Luo)

Website: www.同茂机械.com


Address:No.9-3, t haiyonghe Road, Leliu street, Shunde District, Foshan City

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